Fitness Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about Fitness Bootcamp. If you have a question that’s not addressed here, please call me at 223-8168 or email me using the contact form and I’ll be glad to answer it for you.

Q:  I’m out of shape, will I be able to handle Fitness Bootcamp?

A:  Yes! Bootcamp is designed to produce results for people of all fitness levels by using exercises that are universally challenging. No one is ever left behind. All I ask is that you put forth your best effort each session. If you do, positive results will happen.

Q:  I’m already in good shape, will Fitness Bootcamp help me?

A:  Yes. The exercises and routines we use are challenging to all levels of fitness. More specifically, total body exercises are used because they are physically demanding. Most people who are already in shape usually go to a gym, use the exercise machines and work their muscles in isolation. When “in shape” folks do a Bootcamp program, they work large muscle groups and are equally challenged as the person who’s less fit. The result for the “in shape” person is an even higher level of fitness, both cardiovascular and strength.

Q:  Will my instructor be yelling me at me ?

A:  Not exactly. Barking maybe. My Bootcamp sessions are meant to be a fast, effective workout experience but I also want it to be fun. It’s my belief that most people do not want a ‘drill sergeant’ type instructor yelling at them. As your instructor, I will treat you with encouragement. I’ll also push you. If I think you’re slacking, I’ll let you know.

Q: Will I have to run?

A:  Yes, there will be some running drills in your Bootcamp as well as the possibility of some running for the warm-up and fitness evaluation. There is no long-distance running. If running is a legitimate problem for you, then you may walk briskly. No one will be left behind.

Q: Is this a military-style bootcamp program with an obstacle course?

A:  No, it’s a fitness bootcamp that focuses on total body exercises and movements using various resistance exercise techniques. There is no formal obstacle course, however we will use the natural and man-made obstacles onsite, such as hills, the sand pit, trees, picnic tables, etc. There are also some obstacle and cone drills.

Q:  What if I miss a session?

A:  It is important that everyone makes a real effort to not miss a class but things do happen. All anyone can do is try his or her best to make every Bootcamp session. Missed classes are not refunded and can only be made up if you give 24 hours prior notice and have a legitimate excuse for missing class.

Q:  Your muscles look bulky… will this happen to me from Bootcamp training?

A:  No. Bootcamp workouts focus on a variety of exercises performed mostly with moderate to high repetitions. You will build and tone enough muscle to increase your resting metabolism (a key to fat loss), but it will not make you appear bulky. That’s because the muscle growth is spread evenly over your entire body. For the Men’s program, we’ll do more lower rep training to put on a little more muscle. In general, ladies don’t need to worry about building too much muscle. Some people perceive tone, lean muscles as bigger. This is an illusion caused by the increased vascularity (veins showing) and less fat under the skin. Building muscle is actually more difficult than people realize. It’s a highly complex physiological process with many dependencies. Unless you are a genetic exception, people who do bootcamp training need not worry about building too much muscle.

Q:  What about the weather?

A:  Bootcamp is meant to be challenging in many ways. Campers are part of an outdoor fitness program and should plan on the possibility of weather challenges and must dress accordingly. We will have our Bootcamp outdoors, even if there is some rain, snow, cold/high temperatures. In the event of extreme weather – heavy rain, lightening storms, excessive heat or cold, we will either move the camp inside or reschedule the session.

Q:  What do I need to bring with me?

A:  Mandatory items to bring to every session are a small towel and large bottle of water. Optionally, you may bring an exercise mat to lie on when we do exercises that require body contact with the ground.

Q: Do I need to bring any special equipment or gear?

A:  Most of your training will be done using your own bodyweight. However, for some sessions I’ll ask you to bring dumbbells to class if you own them. This is elective, not mandatory. If you already have dumbbells, I encourage you to bring them on designated “dumbbell” days. For ladies: 10-15 pound dumbbells. For men: 20-25 pound dumbbells.

Q:  What if I don’t like it?

A:  Bootcamps last 4 weeks for each program, so the time will pass quickly. Due to the supportive environment, it’s rare when someone does not go through the whole program. However, anyone who does not love his or her Bootcamp experience will be allowed to convert unused sessions to an equivalent Online training session package or Private 1-on-1 training session package. Note: Private 1-on-1 personal training is more expensive than group training (Bootcamp) so if you convert, you will have fewer training sessions.

Q:  What about deer ticks?

A:  With any outdoor activity or recreation, there is the possibility of tick bites. Preparation is the best defense against ticks when outdoors. I recommend using a repellant spray on your body prior to each session. This seems to work well. I also recommend having a “tick key” with you, a plastic tool that safely and completely removes ticks. You can order your tick key by calling 724-4762. Ask for Kathy Welsh and tell her Bob at Tymor Bootcamp sent you. For additional peace of mind: contracting Lyme’s Disease from a tick bite is more rare than most people realize. The vast majority of bites never develop into Lyme’s.

Q:  What happens after the 4-week Bootcamp ends? Can I repeat or continue Bootcamp on an ongoing basis to improve or stay in shape?

A:  Yes. Bootcamp is not necessarily a one-time experience, but rather a fun, challenging and rewarding way to exercise. For the average bootcamper, it takes three or more 4-week programs to reach their fitness goals. All campers are encouraged to continue with Bootcamp and build upon the results achieved from each 4-week program. You can also use Bootcamp as a maintenance program once you reach your goals. You are welcome to participate in Bootcamp as often as you wish.

Q:  Is your bootcamp open to residents outside of Union Vale?

A:  Yes. Bootcamp groups are limited to 20 people per group. Union Vale and Verbank residents have priority when space is tight. However, Tymor Park has kindly allowed me to open the program to residents of other towns including LaGrangeville, Millbrook, Poughquag, Hopewell, Wingdale, Pawling, Dover and surrounding areas.