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Outdoor fitness camp at Tymor Park in Union Vale, NY helps recruits lose fat, tone muscle and boost health with proven effectiveness.

Poughquag, NY September 3, 2008 – If you’re out of shape, tired of the gym or just not motivated to get fit, then why not shake things up and take your fitness training outdoors? That’s exactly what Poughquag personal trainer Bob Thomson is doing. A fitness junkie for nearly 35 years and tired of going to the gym, Bob decided to take to the beautiful outdoors of Tymor Park in Union Vale to get his clients in shape.

According to Bob, “There’s something magical about working out in the beautiful outdoors. One session during a beautiful sunrise is all it takes to be hooked. It changes your whole perspective on exercise, which can make all the difference in achieving your goals.”

Based on the training regimens of the U.S. armed forces, bootcamp workouts squeeze the most results out of the shortest amount of training time. Unlike steady state aerobics and machine-based exercises that work muscles in isolation, bootcamp programs employ ‘total body training’, which burns more fat and strengthens muscles with less total workout time.

Bootcamp fitness programs are effective because trainees are motivated, accountable and inspired by their instructor to go beyond their perceived abilities and comfort zones. In addition, camaraderie develops among trainees, which further increases motivation. This rarely happens in a gym or at home.

According to Bob, “One of the biggest challenges of staying on track with a fitness or weight loss program is losing motivation. People lose interest and quickly find themselves bored of the same routine. Keeping exercise appealing and maintaining a good perspective is the real key to long-term success.”

Ultimate Fitness Bootcamp at Tymor focuses on using a trainee’s own bodyweight for most exercises and avoids non-productive muscle isolation training.

Bootcamp programs also emphasize moderate to high repetitions and agility training. According to studies conducted by the U.S. Army, this type of training builds endurance, burns fat and increases muscle tone and muscle coordination in the shortest amount of time possible.

People of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome to participate. Whether a stay at home mom or dad looking to get back in shape, a college co-ed fighting the ‘freshman 15’ or a busy professional who simply wants to improve her health, bootcamp fitness programs get results. Local area residents can now learn the truth about fat loss and experience a fitness program that gives them the body they deserve.

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Fall bootcamp begins October 1, 2008.

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Bob Thomson, Instructor
Tel: (845) 223-8168
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