Eileen J. of Beekman, New York had a burning desire to lose weight, so she changed her life with boot camp group personal training. Eileen had the single most important element for success: persistence. She brought that quality to each training session and along with some simple tips about how to eat to lose weight without feeling deprived or miserable, Eileen began losing 1-2 lbs per week consistently. Some weeks she lost more. Some weeks she stayed the same or even gained a pound. But the overall trend was always downward.

In a little over a year Eileen dropped a whopping 65 pounds and her health and fitness improved dramatically. And this heartwarming story continues…

Eileen has since moved on to training at home, on her own, and has lost a total (to date) of 100lbs. She has gotten into running and was recently in preparation for her first Half Marathon. I am very proud of Eileen, she is a wonderful role model for the community. Check out her case study video with before and after pics:

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