Meet Deana Schmidt of Poughquag, NY: 34 lbs Lost! Before and after pictures Deana S of Poughquag NY 12570

When I first met Deana, she was coaching her kids at a Beekman Youth soccer game on a crisp fall Saturday… Referred by a friend (and bootcamp client) Eileen Jessup, Deana had expressed an interest in a weight loss and fitness program. Like many women overweight and approaching mid-life, she was feeling the stress, fear and worry that silently echo — those feelings of knowing you should do something to get healthy before it’s too late. Making matters worse, Deana often felt sluggish performing her daily activities. She was very self-conscious about her body too, which was affecting her self-esteem and happiness. Anxious about starting a fitness program, Deana faced her fear and took action — signing up for the Tymor Fitness Bootcamp program. She started that following Monday. Now, let’s fast forward…

The Results: By making a few simple changes to her lifestyle, Deana lost the bulk of her 34 lbs in just under a year … Adding regular exercise, eating healthy and having a coach and support system were key elements to her success. Deana steadily lost a pound a week. Some weeks she didn’t lose any weight. Other weeks she gained a pound or even two, which really didn’t matter in the end. She earned the “Biggest Loser” runner-up title — awarded every December to two clients who make the most significant progress.

Fast forward another year to today… Deana is one of my fittest clients! I can’t tell you how proud I am of her. She’s not only maintained her weight loss, her fitness has improved to “athletic” levels. Moreover, medical exams over the past 2 years revealed drops in both LDL cholesterol and A1C, improving health. According to Deana: “Working out with other people and the accountability aspect of Bootcamp were my biggest success factors. I’m not that self-disciplined with exercise, so having someone ‘kick my butt’ a few times a week really works! The expert guidance on how to eat properly was also key.

Check out her case study video with before and after pics:

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