Flat Abs Myths Busted: 3 Steps to Firm Abs

Ok, guys and girls, swimsuit season is just around the corner…So tell me… Are you and your abs ready? No, seriously, are you ready?  Most folks prefer to slim down before showing some skin.  In this article, you will quickly learn the 5 Flat Abs Myths that waste your time (and money) and the 3 Steps to Firm Abs:


Myth #1: Fast or Starve the Fat From Your Abs.

Trying to lose weight by fasting or starving yourself is not a solution. In fact, it can be dangerous. Especially if you don’t exercise. It may seem that severe calorie restriction would deliver the quickest weight loss, but your body is complex and by doing so you’ll disrupt (slow) your metabolism and halt or reverse your results.

  • Better Idea: Don’t starve yourself – instead eat small wholesome meals throughout the day. You will fire up your metabolism like never before! A more active metabolism is the key to success.


Myth #2: Use Commercial Diet Products to Improve Results.

Don’t depend on processed foods that are labeled as ‘fat free’ or ‘diet’.  More often than not, these products are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients your body doesn’t need, and won’t help you get firm,  toned abs.

  • Better Idea: Don’t consume eat packaged diet foods – instead stick with nutritious whole foods.


Myth #3: Down Weight Loss Pills to Speed Results.

I know it’s tempting… All those infomercials make dramatic claims about the power of their pills, but don’t be fooled. There is no ‘magic pill’. The majority of weight loss aids are more apt to burn through your budget than help you lose weight.

  • Better Idea: Don’t depend on popping a magic pill – instead burn calories through vigorous exercise.


Myth #4: Do Lots of  Ab Crunches to Tone Your Abs.

Crunches aren’t the answer for toned abs. In order to achieve a fit look you need to burn off the fat that is masking your mid section.

  • Better Idea: Don’t obsess over crunches or any other abs exercise for that matter – instead think “fat burning” from a good exercise program.


Myth #5: Eliminate All Carbohydrates to Achieve Firm Abs.

Carbohydrates have been beaten up by the media over the last few years, and subsequently have gotten a checkered reputation. That’s too bad, because in reality you should eat carbohydrates to lose weight and get fit. The trick is to stick with whole grains, such as brown rice and oatmeal while avoiding processed sugar and flour.

  • Better Idea: Don’t give up carbohydrates – instead consume nutritious, unprocessed carbohydrates.


Ok, you now know “what NOT to do” to get toned and firm abs. Now it’s time to review your Firm Abs Action Plan Plan:


Step #1: Eliminate All Junk Food.
A good method for implementing this is to purge your kitchen of all junk food. That’s right…Pitch all the processed, fatty and sugary foods. Once the junk is gone, keep it tha way. Don’t purchase more. Remember, if you want to be “beach ready” don’t consume junk foods.


Step #2: Eat Unprocessed, Whole Foods.
Swap the junk from your diet with plenty of vegetables (cooked & raw), fruits, whole grains, seeds and nuts, lean meats and low fat dairy. Eating clean is not difficult once you get going. In fact, you will feel empowered to continue once you start feeling and seeing the results.  Empowerment leads to habit.


Step #3: Exercise
This is the most obvious step. You need to move on a regular basis. Consistent, vigorous exercise is key.


Time to Take Action

Bob's ripped abs

Last but not least, when you are ready to take action and get firm abs, I’m the perfect person to help you.  I have gotten my own abs firmed and cut many times for competition and for personal goals. Contact me to get started on an exercise plan that will get you amazing abs.



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Author: Bob Thomson

Bob Thomson is a Personal Trainer, boot camp instructor and weight loss expert specializing in total body and health transformations. Utilizing many years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and peak performance, Bob has helped dozens of clients lose weight, get fit and healthy and squeeze the juice out of life.

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