Re-Imagining Dessert

woman drinking a strawberry protein shake

strawberry protein shake

The idea of swapping out your favorite high-sugar treat for a creamy protein shake or protein pudding may be a tough pill for you to swallow…it takes some re-imagining of what dessert is. (I know it’s tough but trust me your fitness and fat loss results depend on it!)

The key to making this work is to make sure that it tastes sweet, so that your taste buds are fooled into thinking that you’re still indulging in sugar, while your body takes in the fat-burning, muscle building protein.

One of the best ways to create a dessert that tastes sweet but is high in protein rather than sugar is to use a high-quality, protein powder that’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit rather than with artificial sweeteners. The quality and ingredients in the protein powder you use make ALL of the difference.

Mix a scoop of protein powder with plain Greek yogurt for a tasty pudding, or blend it up with a handful of berries, almond milk and ice for a milkshake. With time, you will begin to look forward to your protein desserts with the same excitement that you once had for ice cream!

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Author: Bob Thomson

Bob Thomson is a Personal Trainer, boot camp instructor and weight loss expert specializing in total body and health transformations. Utilizing many years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and peak performance, Bob has helped dozens of clients lose weight, get fit and healthy and squeeze the juice out of life.

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