Read This Before Making New Year’s Resolutions

2019Happy New Year! Before you move forward to set new resolutions for 2020, let’s take a moment to look back and reflect on your results in 2019.

Did you accomplish your goals this past year? (YES or NO)

If “NO” then answer these 5 Questions for insight into your failure.

1️. Were your goals clearly written down and reviewed regularly?

If you’re ambiguous about what you are setting off to achieve then it will never culminate in anything concrete. By writing down your goals in specific, clear terms and reviewing them regularly, you’ll be on track to achieve huge things in 2020.

2. Did you use the SMART System for defining your goals?

SMART Is an acronym for setting achievable goals. It stands for SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC and TIME BOUND. Don’t skip over this step – setting SMART goals is the difference between achieving your dreams and having yet another year slide by without any measurable results to show for it. Use the SMART filter for setting goals — and REFLECT on and REVIEW your RESULTS with regularity.

3️. Did your goals align with your values?

If your goal was to lose weight and to finally achieve a lean, fit, healthy body then why did you continue to glorify greasy, unhealthy food? Why did you look at exercise as a punishment to be avoided? Your value system must line up with your goals. In fitness this means having a positive attitude about exercise and healthy eating.

4️. Did you create accountability around your goals?

Who did you tell about your goal to finally lose the weight and get fit? If you kept it to yourself then you missed out on a huge opportunity for accountability and support. This support is what you lean on through the tough times when jumping off the wagon seems like the only option.

Take a moment to reflect on the answers to these questions above BEFORE answering the next question.

5️. What was the root cause of your failure?

I don’t know what your specific root cause of failure was, only you do, but I can tell you confidently that if you join my program in 2020 you will blow past your failure to achieve the success that has always alluded you. 

You get one shot — one life — so what are you waiting for?

It’s time to expand, grow, seek, achieve.

Feel the fire — fall down, get up, shake it off and get back in the game.

2020 has the potential of being the best year yet… but it starts right now.

Call or email me now to get started!

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Author: Bob Thomson

Bob Thomson is a Personal Trainer, boot camp instructor and weight loss expert specializing in total body and health transformations. Utilizing many years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and peak performance, Bob has helped dozens of clients lose weight, get fit and healthy and squeeze the juice out of life.

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