Coronavirus Stress?

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The coronavirus and stay-at-home quarantines are creating unfortunate consequences on our lifestyles and happiness.

Feeling stressed? Most people are these days. The past couple of months have been filled with new levels of stress as we’ve all dealt with the coronavirus and its consequences on our lifestyles and happiness.

But you don’t have to let stress get the best of you.

When stress is getting you down, you need something that makes you feel good and is good for you.

I’m talking about exercise!

Every time you exercise you increase your body’s production of endorphins.

In case you have forgotten, endorphins are responsible for those good moods you get into after a race and the pleasure you feel while chomping down on a piece of chocolate.

However, before you grab a piece of chocolate and skip your workout, remember the end result of each and choose which one will help you battle stress in the long run.

(Hint: It’s not the chocolate.)

Any and all exercise you do helps you fend off the effects of stress, in addition to all the other benefits of exercise: including but not limited to burning fat, increasing energy, reducing joint pain, regaining a youthful appearance…the list goes on.

My mission is to help each and every one of my clients achieve the body that they desire in addition to a low stress lifestyle.

Take the stress out of planning your own workouts and have a professional coach in your corner by joining one of my high-energy, fat-blasting exercise programs:

At my boot camp in Union Vale, New York, we exercise outdoors and maintain safe social distancing by default.

Or, if you prefer to work out privately at home, I have a remote (online) training and coaching program that will get you into shape in short order.

Call (845) 223-8168 or email me today to get the body and stress level that you deserve.

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Author: Bob Thomson

Bob Thomson is a Personal Trainer, boot camp instructor and weight loss expert specializing in total body and health transformations. Utilizing many years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and peak performance, Bob has helped dozens of clients lose weight, get fit and healthy and squeeze the juice out of life.

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