You Have Far Greater Risks to Your Health Than Coronavirus

Let’s face it, today more than ever, health is a topic of concern. We are being preached to by the media, the medical establishment, governments and politicians about social distancing and mask wearing.  We are all taking precautions to avoid exposure to others and to mitigate our risk of contracting coronavirus.  We’ve shut down businesses. We’ve shut down schools. We are doing all this for a disease with a very low mortality rate overall and which targets mostly elderly folks who have multiple comorbidity factors (usually 2-4) like diabetes, obesity, COPD, heart disease or cancer.

With all the precautions you are taking with COVID-19, why aren’t you lowering other, far more dangerous risks to your health, like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, which have a far greater mortality rate and total annual deaths?

About 650,000 Americans die from heart disease each year—that’s 1 in every 4 deaths.​ Add in the 600,000 more annual deaths from cancer and you are looking at HUGE numbers!

And since you are wearing a mask everyday to prevent you and others from getting Coronavirus, shouldn’t you also be preventing your health from declining — from bad diet, overeating and lack of exercise — which create comorbidities that greatly increase the risk of dying from Coronavirus? In other words, you’re wearing a mask and social distancing so why aren’t you eating better and exercising regularly? They go hand in hand with lowering your risk to complications of and death from the Coronavirus.

I guess the answer to my question about why you aren’t lowering other far greater risks to your heath is somewhat complex. Factors such as lifestyle choices vs government mandates and the speed of potential death… You choose to over eat or eat bad food… State and local governments force you to wear masks in public… You choose to be lazy and not exercise… Coronavirus can be contracted and kills relatively quickly, while developing chronic heart disease and cancer are typically slower progressions. That slower progression seems to be a risk most are willing to take. However, some people do develop these diseases early and die at a relatively young age.  We all know people who were taken way too soon from heart disease or cancer.

So, what is health? To have good health is to be free of illness or injury, to be able to adequately cope with the demands of life, and to maintain a state of equilibrium with yourself and your environment.

When we are in a state of good health our quality of life increases dramatically. We are able to utilize our bodies without pain, experience natural energy, and enjoy feelings like joy and happiness.

One of the factors that influences our health the most is diet. The foods that you eat make a measurable impact on the condition of your health. By eating healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods you give your body the building blocks it needs to fortify healthy cells and smooth bodily functions.

Just as important are the things that we avoid eating as part of our diet, refined sugars being the deadliest. Additives, processed ingredients, unhealthy fats, and unnatural sugars are problems for our bodies to flush out the best it can. Too much of these harmful items result in extra weight, clogged arteries and decreased ability to regulate blood sugar.

Today I’d like you to draw the mental connection between your healthy eating and your good health. By sticking to a low-sugar, high-protein, high-fiber diet you will take measurable strides towards claiming better health. This means having a stronger immune system that’s ready and able to fight off viruses.

So please add good health to your list of reasons for getting into great shape and instilling healthy eating habits to last you a lifetime.

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Author: Bob Thomson

Bob Thomson is a Personal Trainer, boot camp instructor and weight loss expert specializing in total body and health transformations. Utilizing many years experience in the field of fitness, nutrition and peak performance, Bob has helped dozens of clients lose weight, get fit and healthy and squeeze the juice out of life.

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